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CriticalQueen X Buddy Mary

CriticalQueen X Buddy Mary

These Hashy Castle prints are inspired by Critical Queens Castle Rig & are made by hand so each one has its own characteristics & fine details, making every print unique.

They are created by using the reduction print method. A reduction print is made when an artist creates a multi-colored, layered print using a single print block.

Buddy transfered our design onto the printing block & carved the initial design. Then repeated the process of carving and printing over for each colour. Starting with the printing the pink layer, carving away everything that will remain pink, printing the purple, carving away everything that will remain purple and finishing with black for the final printing session.

Finally the prints were embellished with fine silver leaf for the Hashy drips. The final look gives the impression of liquid silver. For the full process, check out Buddy Mary™ Reels on IG & TikTok

Only 25 of these prints were make and each one is unique in itself.

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